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December 16, 2013
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:new::bulletpink: Forgive again my late çç for people who don't know , my sister is in the hospital (nothing serious ;; ) and I am so busy these days T^T!!
Forgive me again for all the delay çç!! <3 I'll do my best >v< :heart:

But now the 5 winners of my raffle çvç!! <3 <3 <3 (please be patience to receive your pet version TvT <3 )

Sugar-Bells :heart: ThePirateBunny7 :heart: yhkoac :heart: Sereruu :heart: Yanderika ( forgive me I don't have the screen ç^ç <3 )

yhkoac :…
Yanderika :…

Thanks again to everyone for taking part on this raffle çVç!!!
For The people I've mentioned please link below your OC and I'll do the pet version like the example ;v; <3 <3 <3 <3

:icondivider0plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::star: THE RAFFLE IS CLOSED :star::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider2plz:
Hi ;v; :heart:
When I have my eyes tired to think of new base / lineart / designs / colours ( many things :iconlazyshadowedplz: ) I love make small pet ;v;!
I love little strange pet ;v; they are a sort of passion x°D!
And Today I think "wow , why not make a raffle? *v*"
And a few minutes later I said "I wanted make some gift for special people ;//v//;!!"

So I make a raffle and gift togheter x°°D! :huggle: ;v;

If you'll win you have only to link your character and I create a pet ;v; like this :

Blulexi Pet by Piffi-adoptablesbased on this :…
each pet is different, I'll choose the better way to do your pet version ;v;

:icondivider0plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::star: GIFT TO SPECIAL PEOPLE :star::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider2plz:

I wanted thanks so many people ;; I have no words because I really love staying here on deviantart ;; I found very special people , so kind to me ( I'm really insecure ;; )

Forgive me If I forgot some names ç_ç!! surely it's due to my bad memories TAT!! I love you all <3 <3 :heart: not only these people çç but them made ​​me something special :heart: ;v;!!
This is a list of people ( not in order of importance really I love you all ;; ) I would like to thank with a small gift :

Banana-Banshee :bulletpink: Sakura-Pumpkin :bulletpink: countesslainy :bulletpink: pinkclaw :bulletpink: acornbutt :bulletpink: flarechess :bulletpink: Pop-In-A-Teacup :bulletpink: sukibelle :bulletpink: TakkuNoTori :bulletpink: Vespisia :bulletpink: Yoshuya-Kiryuu :bulletpink: EveShitratori :bulletpink: World-Inside-Me :bulletpink: wishing-aria :bulletpink: Acusta :bulletpink: raeinni :bulletpink: Kumachin :bulletpink: wolphfe :bulletpink: Ji-Yun :bulletpink: drasticslostsoul :bulletpink: Shvon :bulletpink: drasticslostsoul :bulletpink: cottonpuffs :bulletpink: Syaraa :bulletpink: Ji-Yunnie :bulletpink: Nefaire :bulletpink: PhrysethAdopt :bulletpink: Talurea :bulletpink: Kaiapi :bulletpink: MIURIN :bulletpink: StrawberriesJam :bulletpink: LavvytheJackalope :bulletpink: NeriMitsu :bulletpink: DestroyedChildhood :bulletpink: mi-ya-ka :bulletpink: Rurucha :bulletpink: bkomae :bulletpink: Kuruoshi :bulletpink: Shijinno :bulletpink: onisuu :bulletpink: BlazingFlameGraphics :bulletpink: KokoTensho :bulletpink: SoulBeater :bulletpink: Vicle-chan :bulletpink: OhSquishy :bulletpink: Pandastrophic :bulletpink: homoechii :bulletpink: Homuah suemao

These people no need to enter the raffle ;v; I want make this gift for you ;v; <3
Comment below with your character ( or a famous character or a character of your friends , wathever you want ;v; <3 ) and I'll do the pet version ;v;!! <3 <3 Thanks for being kind with me ;////; :heart:
( maybe I will employ all my life to do this, but I promise that I will make them all x°D)

:icondivider0plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::star: HOW TO ENTER THE RAFFLE :star::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider1plz::icondivider2plz:

:bulletpink: For the people that are not in the list above you can enter the raffle and have the chance to win a pet version of your character ;v; <3
:bulletpink: The only things you have to do is Fav this journal so you get a number ( I'll select the winners with )
:bulletpink: +watch it's highly appreciated if you like my works but not necessary to win
:bulletpink: 5 people can win ;v;!! <3 <3 you can choose your original character , a famous character or a character of your friend >v< Whatever you want ;v;

Thanks a lot again and happy Holidays to all ;v; <3 :huggle: >v<

Bullet; Black Our main account : Shatik
Bullet; Black Our sister Mimru

Thanks for joining ;v; <3 :heart:
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OMG PIFFI you're adorable

You don't need to do that, just seeing my name on that list is enough.

I would loved to do one for you hun ;u; but I'm glad that you're happy to see your name here ;;
ThePirateBunny7 Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much!  
I'm sorry I don't exactly have the best reference, but she usually wears a black hoodie with bunny ears. :sweatdrop: revamp v2 
Syaraa Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much ;o; omg i feelt am special ;o; but for what ;n;
Thanks so much dear <3
Am i able to link u my oc later? o//o
DrakenhothRepublik Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Awww missed out on something neat. :P
ASDFGFDS I'M SOO HAPPY!!! :iconcryforeverplz:
thank you so much <33
here my oc Dee >
waaaahwahwahwhahahwuabaeujgnerjgnjts!!!! I'm soooo lucky!!! QwQ here you have the OC:

OC: Yuki reference by Yanderika *cries a lot* (hope I'm doing this well)
divakitty704 Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
[Me not on list]

either way me want.............yesh! me want waatz picture!

[sorry dat me can't really do the whole thing but......]
divakitty704 Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Me just faved and need to enter raffle!!  TAT  :3
PokemonTrainerFer Dec 20, 2013  Student General Artist

Oh ok! Can you do it out of this?



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