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June 13


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Blind Lace INFO

Fri Jun 13, 2014, 10:30 AM
Some info about my Closed Specie Blind Lace *v* :heart:
You can see some examples here :…
There is informations of the story I had in mind , but it's not necessary to follow these info if you don't want \;v;/ you can create your story as you wish ;v; :heart:

Blind Lace are blind people and their little monster help them to find the way

blind lace story

Originally , Blind Lace people were called "Camelia"
They were very vain , conceited , the only thing they were interested in was the beauty , the beauty of themselves , the beauty of their expensive clothes.
passed whole days to admire themselves in the mirror , they had no more interest in the world around, in nature, in relationships , they just wanted to see the image in the mirror, become more and more beautiful, always have the best clothes , they were bewitched by the mirror , until they become selfish and wicked.

But they didn't know that beyond the mirror there was a world that observe them , The world of Gardenia.
Gardenia people had the appearance like little monsters , they could observe Camelia , but not vice versa.
The God of Gardenia people was tired about Camelia people and
decided they would never be able to looking in the mirror.
Breaking every mirror in the Camelia world he cursed them : every child born since then would become blind.
Gardenia's God
was sure that this would awaken the population of Camelia , but their only interest was they could no longer admire themselves : they went mad.
They abandoned everything and fled into the forests , were ashamed of themselves , They were ugly now?They Couldn't know  because they could not be mirrored anymore.

The little blind children were abandoned , still wrapped in their tiny dresses adorned with lace.
Gardenia's God was still satisfied , unnecessary race had disappeared.

Gardenia people couldn't endure it.

that they can never turn back , came out from the mirrors to help these little babies.

Escape by Piffi-adoptables

Thanks to them, the children were able to survive because they would be always next to the little "Blind Lace".

Forever by Piffi-adoptables

What happened to the Camelia People? No one knows precisely.
Some of them
have killed themselves , some others live in hiding for fear that someone may watch them and consider them ugly.
However, someone seems to observe the new population stating that even blind one can live...

characteristics that every blind lace have :

Blind Lace have always something that cover their blind eyes.
They have Always a little Gardenia monster that help them.
Because their world was full of expensive
dresses , they use them , so they have beauty dress with Laces , ribbons , flowers and so on.
They are very peaceful
because their little Gardenia monsters
taught them humility.

Rarity :

When Gardenia's God threw his curse , all the children became blind but in the case of twins the curse attacked only one of them , so even if it's very rare , there are children who are not blind , but they have a blind brother or sister


If I have some other info , I'll add and update journal :heart:

Thanks for reading \;v;/ I hope you like them ;///v///; <3 <3

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ryosuke45 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
omg how can you be so imaginative??? :__; your ideas/ stories are just so beautiful that i cannot close the internet tab.... 
Piffi-adoptables Featured By Owner 6 days ago
omg thank you so much ;//v//; :iconcryforeverplz: my sister Mile has most of the ideas ;;////;; she's so creative ;;!!<3
pastyllia Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
Wow, the history behind the blind lace series is super interesting *//v//*
Gardenia monsters are so cute aaaaaa ///////
Piffi-adoptables Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
nnngh I'm happy you like them T////T!!! thanks a lot ç___ç!!!:iconuhuhuhuplz:
niekaori Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
one questionnnnn

Can Blind Lace people/Camelia have another personality?
Let's say for example, revengeful as they knew the God of Gardenia cursed them blind and the Blind Lace blamed Gardenia ppl and their god. Blind Lace treated Gardenia people like a servant but the Gardenia people didn't mind being treated like so because they were pity to the Blind Lace.

Just a idea I had- If it is totally out of the story concept, probably I just ignore it hahaha;;;;;;;;;;;
This story is just so beautiful! ;;;w;;; It would've be wonderful if ever this turns into an RP group thing :iconblushuplz:

and and I'm almost done with my design though! aaaaaaa I can't wait to upload it! 
Piffi-adoptables Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
waaah this is a wonderful point of view T////v///T!!! :iconsoemotionalplz: I like it a lot T///v///T!!
yes my dear sure \;///v///;/ the story is a guideline but you can change whatever you wish and create your story \;//v//;/ <3 <3 <3 I love see different stories T/////v/////T <3 <3 I feel so honored ;//v//;/ thanks a lot I can't wait to see your character T//T <3 <3
niekaori Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:icontearplz: amg you dooo????? aaaaaaaaaaaaa

I'll do my best to write them outt ;;w;; )9
YuriKitten Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok so I finally chose to create one of these beauties :3
Was so hard to choose.

But I have been thinking of a design in mind!!
Can the Gardenia have like button eyes and stuff like that :3

Like what fills up the inside of a Gardenia? blood, fluff ? lol
Piffi-adoptables Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
I can't wait \;//v//;/ I hope you can finish your design in time T//v//T :heart::heart:
yes Gardenia can have stuff like this and ooooh they have blood but don't kill a little cute Gardenia ç///O///ç!
YuriKitten Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I will hehe :3
Oh no killing aha XD
My theme is like sewing and stitches. so was gonna have
 fluff showing but if its blood then nvm haha ^^
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